Montgomery BEST serves as the local BEST hub for middle and high schools in central Alabama and the surrounding area; counties served include but are not limited to: Montgomery, Lowndes, Macon, Autauga, Elmore, and Lee. Registration for the 2019 Montgomery BEST Competition is now closed. If you are interested in having your school participate, please review the information below and check back in late spring 2020 to register for the 2020 Montgomery BEST Competition and trainings.


What are the basic team expectations?

      • 1st year teams attend free summer training
      • Teams should attend all three components of the BEST Program held in Montgomery
        • Kick-Off Day (5 September 2019)
        • Practice Day (6 October 2019)
        • Competition Day (October 18-19, 2019)
      • Teams may choose to participate in one of the following:
        • Robotics Only
          • Must build a functional robot
          • Must submit a Project Engineering Notebook
        • Robotics and the BEST Award
          • Must build a functional robot
          • Must compete in ALL four components of the BEST Award: Project
            Engineering Notebook, Marketing Presentation, Team Exhibit and
            Interview, and Spirit & Sportsmanship

What resources will Montgomery BEST provide? What materials do we need?

            • Participation in Montgomery BEST is free.
            • Each team will receive a returnables kit (robot electrical components, motors, etc.) that must returned to Montgomery BEST at the conclusion of the event
            • Each team will receive a consumables kit (raw materials to build the robot) that teams may “use up” when building
            • Teams will need to provide their own materials for the BEST Award
            • Teams may need to purchase additional consumables to replace those materials that are “used up” during prototyping

How to form a team:

          • Teams must be affiliated with a public, private, or homeschool group.
          • Teams must have a lead teacher of record
          • Teams must be composed of middle and/or high school students
          • Teams participating in the BEST Award component of the competition must have a minimum of four team members

Teacher Training Workshop

          • Coming July 2020
          • This program targets teachers, key students, and mentors to provide a comprehensive overview of the BEST Robotics program and the tools and information teams will need to successfully navigate the 6-week competition. The workshop will also include hands-on training for the new IR sensor module.
          • Registration is free for all participants. Attendance by at least one teacher or mentor for new schools is required (2 recommended). Recommend at least 1 adult attendee for returning schools. Limited to 3 teachers/students/mentors per chool until all schools have had a chance to sign up.


Simulink Workshop

          • Coming July 2020
          • This workshop targets teachers, students, and mentors who wish to learn more about robot programming and simulation using the MathWorks MATLAB/Simulink products.
          • The curriculum will cover using MATLAB and Simulink for programming, use of multiple robot sensors, and programming autonomous operations. The training will utilize a new virtual world environment as well as small Arduino-based robots and BEST robots. The skills acquired during the workshop will be directly applicable to the programming skills required in the BEST Robotics competition.