Montgomery BEST serves as the local BEST hub for middle and high schools in central Alabama and the surrounding area; counties served include but are not limited to: Montgomery, Lowndes, Macon, Autauga, Elmore, and Lee. If you are interested in having your school participate, please review the information below and then register for the competition and trainings.


What are the basic team expectations?

      • 1st year teams attend free summer training
      • Teams should attend all three components of the BEST Program held in Montgomery
        • Kick-Off Day (5 September 2019)
        • Practice Day (6 October 2019)
        • Competition Day (October 18-19, 2019)
      • Teams may choose to participate in one of the following:
        • Robotics Only
          • Must build a functional robot
          • Must submit a Project Engineering Notebook
        • Robotics and the BEST Award
          • Must build a functional robot
          • Must compete in ALL four components of the BEST Award: Project
            Engineering Notebook, Marketing Presentation, Team Exhibit and
            Interview, and Spirit & Sportsmanship

What resources will Montgomery BEST provide? What materials do we need?

            • Participation in Montgomery BEST is free.
            • Each team will receive a returnables kit (robot electrical components, motors, etc.) that must returned to Montgomery BEST at the conclusion of the event
            • Each team will receive a consumables kit (raw materials to build the robot) that teams may “use up” when building
            • Teams will need to provide their own materials for the BEST Award
            • Teams may need to purchase additional consumables to replace those materials that are “used up” during prototyping

How to form a team:

          • Teams must be affiliated with a public, private, or homeschool group.
          • Teams must have a lead teacher of record
          • Teams must be composed of middle and/or high school students
          • Teams participating in the BEST Award component of the competition must have a minimum of four team members

Teacher Training Workshop

          • July 18, 2019 8:30 AM – 3:30 PM
          • This program targets teachers, key students, and mentors to provide a comprehensive overview of the BEST Robotics program and the tools and information teams will need to successfully navigate the 6-week competition. The workshop will also include hands-on training for the new IR sensor module.
          • Registration is free for all participants. Attendance by at least one teacher or mentor for new schools is required (2 recommended). Recommend at least 1 adult attendee for returning schools. Limited to 3 teachers/students/mentors per chool until all schools have had a chance to sign up.


Simulink Workshop

          • July 30-31, 2019 9:00 AM-4:00 PM
          • This workshop targets teachers, students, and mentors who wish to learn more about robot programming and simulation using the MathWorks MATLAB/Simulink products.
          • The curriculum will cover using MATLAB and Simulink for programming, use of multiple robot sensors, and programming autonomous operations. The training will utilize a new virtual world environment as well as small Arduino-based robots and BEST robots. The skills acquired during the workshop will be directly applicable to the programming skills required in the BEST Robotics competition.
          • $20 per person. Space is limited. Register early!