Each year, BEST Robotics design a new game centered around a real-world problem. Teams will receive the game details when the competition period begins at Kick-Off six weeks before competition day. Below is an overview of the competition schedule and the different elements of the competition. The 2019 Montgomery BEST Competition will be held on October 18-19. Free
teacher training, mandatory for all new schools, will be held in summer 2019. Details on teacher training can be found on the “Schools” page.



  • Kick-Off Day (5 September 2019)
    • Task and detailed requirements revealed. Materials provided.
  • Practice Day (6 October 2019)
    • Four weeks after kickoff. Trial run on the competition field.
  • Competition Day (October 18-19, 2019)
    • Head to head competition with up to 24 teams.

Competition Elements

  • Robot Competition – Design, Build, and Drive!
    • Engineering Notebook – Document Your Process and Results
  • BEST Award Competition – Optional
    • Marketing Presentation
    • Team Exhibit & Interviews
    • Spirit & Sportsmanship
  • Other Optional Elements
    • Team Apparel
    • Team Website
    • Computer Aided Design (CAD) Package

For more information, see the National BEST Robotics Website