Montgomery BEST, sponsored by Alabama State University, serves middle schools and high schools throughout the central Alabama region by providing students with the opportunity to participate in the BEST Robotics program. The committee is made up of local educators and tech enthusiasts. Our goal is to prepare students for the high-tech world they will enter following high school graduation. BEST robotics has played and will continue to play a big part in that preparation. Montgomery BEST celebrated its inaugural competition in 2019 and is now preparing for its fifth competition. Montgomery BEST looks forward to growing the program in this and future years. Winning schools from the Montgomery BEST competition advance to compete at the regional South’s BEST competition which encompasses the entire southeast and is hosted by University of North Alabama in early December.

Find out more about the BEST Robotics program by reading the facts below and visiting BEST Robotics Inc.

BEST National Website

Some Facts about BEST Robotics

• BEST Robotics Inc. (BRI) is a non-profit, volunteer-based organization.

• Schools participate at no cost — there is no fee.

• Any school may participate regardless of socioeconomic status, size, or location. Public, private, and home school groups or organizations (that is, not individual families) are welcomed to participate.

• Students are the primary participants and
benefactors. Students perform all of the work;
mentors serve as guides and advisors.

• Engineers and other technical professionals
from local industries serve as team mentors.

• Over 3500 volunteers help run the local competitions and regional championships by serving as event personnel, judges, and team mentors.

As a result of participating in BEST, Students

• Understand the practical use of math concepts and applied physics

• Solve real-world science and engineering problems, training that is transferable to all academic disciplines and career pursuits

• Gain an increased interest in engineering, math, and science

• Understand what engineers do — the
engineering profession is “demystified”

• Experience “design-to-market” product development

• Receive recognition and acclaim typically reserved for their peers in sports

Students become competent and confident in

• Abstract Thinking

• Self-Directed Learning

• Teamwork

• Project Management

• Decision-Making

• Problem-Solving

• Leadership